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I am a very motivated, determined young man with many dreams and aspirations. I am highly driven and try to push myself to the limit each day. I have created this blog to help share my life's journey on my road to "greatness" and success. I post things I do in life to achieve what I define as greatness and success. I post about things that fuel me as an individual. I post on the enjoyable things in life, and I post to help fuel your drive. I want people to get inspired through my life and know that they have the potential to be the best person they can be, not just average. I define greatness as being the best person you can possibly be in all areas of your life and not wasting a moment of your life. I also define greatness as being a kind, giving person that does good deeds from the heart. Life is short and there is so much that I want to be and do. I want to be a businessman, painter, author, doctor, inspirational speaker, and humanitarian. I have one life and I believe we can do anything we set our minds and hearts to. Take the journey through life with me and remember that success is what you make it. My name is Lawrence Berry and this is my blog. Be Great Or Be No One!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

No Limitations

        This quote is powerful. It is powerful because if you dig deep into its meaning you begin to realize what this quote is saying to you. That in life success is not inherited it is earned through hard work. There are no limitations. This quote really stuck out to me because I remember one time I was out with my friend, having lunch and we were chatting about our lives. We were talking about how are lives were, and what we have been doing since the last time we seen each other. I can remember us talking and as I was telling her about my life and how busy I was, she seen the determination I had to accomplish my dreams. I was truly a busy person and as her jaw dropped from what I had told her, she asked me: "where do you get your determination from? I feel like it has to be inherited from one of your parents." Being a Human Biology major I knew about the different genes you could inherit from parents that determined certain characteristics about a person, but I never thought about what she had just asked me. When I finished meeting with my friend, this question stuck with me and I thought about my mom who was very ambitious. Could I have inherited genes from my mother that made me this ambitious and determined? I kept thinking about this and could not believe it, because I had read so many books and seen so many people become successful when their parents were not. Now, I have stumbled across this quote that make me realize that my success is not inherited, it is aquired through hard work, the will to succeed and overcome all obstacles. I believe you should never say your drive is inherited, its the lazy way out. Go for what you want, there are no limitations in life! This quote is powerful. As powerful as you.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Work Hard and Be Patient

     One of the hardest things for people to do is work hard for a long period of time while being patient. Hard work alone is something majority of the world does not want to do.  Im not talking about just getting up in the morning to go to work to recieve and paycheck every two weeks, Im talking about the constant GRIND! Day in and day out. The grind to acheieve your dreams, whether its starting a business or becoming a photographer. People have become complacent with the "safe" way of living that only requires moderate work. They get to a certain age and stop learning, stop achieving, stop grinding. They never get the chance to live their dreams. People don't want to continue working hard to achieve something, because it's too hard or it's taking too long. Well, I want to be that person who never count the costs I have to pay to achieve my dreams. I will continue to work hard, be patient, and have faith that my dreams will come true. What are you going to do? GO GET IT!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

You Are Strong

    Recently, things have been hard for me mentally. I look around and I see some people who have it good and just don't appreciate what they have. I look around and I see people who are selfish, and really don't care about others. I see it in their hearts. See, I have had a tough time because I'm on a journey to follow my dreams of becoming a powerful humanitarian and becoming extremely wealthy in order to give back to the world. I'm on a road that is not easy, I carry burdens I don't want to carry, and one of those burdens is having a good heart. I see a world full of pain. A world I want to help, but I still have to help myself. Trying to do what I want to do in this world is hard, but it's my dream to become a successdul doctor who travels the world to help others. It is my dream to become a successful businessman who can afford to build shelters and schools for the poor. It my dream to have an abundance of wealth. This is the life I want to live and I was given a good heart. I was given this challenge. I was given this life becuase I AM STRONG ENOUGH TO LIVE IT!! I know I am. So, I just want to say if its hard keep going, because if you were given an obstacle, its because you are strong enough to overcome it! Live your life knowing that anything you come across can't stop you. You are just THAT STRONG!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Follow Me On My Road To Success


My definition of success is not having a lot of wealth, having many woman, or the fancy clothes. Only you can define success because I believe being successful is doing what makes you happy. Of course, in many aspects, being happy may involve the pressure relief that comes from financial freedom, so to be happy having financial stability may be beneficial but is not all to being a success in life. When a person has realized his or her full potential and what they are capable of in life and utilize that potential, I believe they are ultimately a success. You can be a successful painter, poet, broadcaster, author, or anything in life as long as you put everything you have into your passion success will follow. There are other factors that will help you be a success in life and I have some my own tips on my "tips for you" page. 


What is it that you really want in life? You have to focus on all of your dreams and let the passion from these dreams fuel you. Sit down and realize what is is that will make you happy in life. Jot them down on a piece of paper and put it on your wall or make something I call a dream board where you put all your dreams and aspirations onto a dream board and put it somewhere where you can see it everyday.

You have to realize that obtaining these dreams and aspirations may not be easy and will take HARD WORK. You have to do something EVERYDAY that puts you closer into making these dreams into a reality, not just once in a while. These are your dreams and you have to fight for them with your own blood, sweat and tears. You have to realize that it will require dedication, will power, and sacrifice, but once you reach your goal it will be worth it.

Take baby steps that will take you closer to your goal. You cannot expect to reach your goal over night. It may take years to accomplish but you have to make the decision that everyday during those years you will take the small steps to reach your goal. You have to remember that success is a sum of everyday small successes.

There is going to be a journey to your destination and though the destination will be fantastic the ride can be just as great. Along the way to success you have to enjoy the ride, because it will help you to keep going. There may be some failure and let downs on the road to success but enjoy the mistakes and know that you have become a stronger, wiser person because of it. Mistakes and failures are a reward in themselves and you have to learn to look at them that way.

You have to reward yourself on the road to success. Work hard every day but also play hard as well. Take little vacations after you feel some sense of accomplishment. It will make you want to do more because you know once you get to where you want to in life, you will be rewarding yourself all the time. Rewarding yourself is sort of like a tease, pushing you more and more. If you want to rent that fancy car for the weekend and know that sort of lifestyle is coming if you want that. Just take some time to yourself and reward yourself on the road to your goals.

There are a lot of distractions in the world but you have to remain focused because anytime you get side tracked from your dreams and aspirations, there may have a been an opportunity you overlooked because you were distracted. Clear your life from any unnecessary drama and clutter. Organize yourself, your house or room and stay neat. You will feel a lot better about yourself

This will help you on the road to success in many ways. Staying fit and healthy helps you stay focused and have confidence. You have to feel good about yourself and have confidence in this world. There are tips on how to stay fit and healthy on the "Tips for you" page. Go check it out.


Live For A Purpose. FIND Your Purpose!

You must live for a strong purpose in life, because anything that will allow you to move closer to that purpose becomes a necessity in life. Tie your success to a purpose and you will also have fulfillment in life, happiness, as you move closer to that purpose. Overcome the challenges that will try to hold you back from your purpose, because there will be challenges. Have a vision and never lose focus. When you see a vision and a purpose behind what you do, hard work no longer becomes an option, it becomes a necessity. Hard work becomes the basis of your life. You sleep hard work, you eat hard work, you breathe hard work. One man by the name of Eric Thomas has once said that in order to become successful you must want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe. I finally understand this to the fullest and its all because I found purpose. You need water to live, so it is not an option, but a necessity. You need air to live, so it is not an option, but a necessity. If you lack that necessity, would you fight for your life? Or just die? When you find your purpose in life and it is not just handed to you, you must find it , you begin to see that success is no longer an option but a necessity. That purpose has become the air you need to breathe, the water you need to drink and because it is a necessity, you will NEED to work hard to get what you need like you've lost it. SO go out there and live strong, live for your life, LIVE WITH A PURPOSE!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Remember: You Are The Designer Of Your Life!


A lot of people have forgotten that they are the one that design their life. People have to remember that we have one chance at life and we tend to lose sight of ourselves and our dreams when we get caught up in making money or living day by day with a job that we hate. I'm not going to lie, this have even happened to me recently but we must sit back and evaluate our lives, because HONESTLY we have a limited amount of time on this earth. If you were going to design a house, or design your dream car wouldn't you make the most precious, beautiful car or home possible. THEN WHY NOT DO IT WITH YOUR LIFE?? Don't get caught up in money, live the life that you want no matter how hard it's going to be to get there. REMEMBER and never lose sight of your dreams. You are the designer of your life and no matter how crazy your dreams may sound to others, make YOUR life the best life possible. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

My First 5K Run!

This was my first ever 5K run. I started all the way in the back and still ended up passing everyone to get to the front. It was a challenge, but that's one of the things I live for. OVERCOMING CHALLENGES!!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Find Your HUNGER!

WHAT IS YOUR HUNGER? WHAT IS YOUR PASSION? These are the questions you must ask yourself today. These are the questions you must ask yourself everyday. If you want to be successful and have everything you ever dreamed YOU HAVE TO HAVE HUNGER. You have to find your passion in life, your hunger, your fuel even if you have to starve yourself, do whatever it takes., that is the way to success. I have seen so many people around the world that are starving, living in poverty, I even come from a place where poverty and drugs flourished, and guess what, those people's pain is my HUNGER. I have become passionate about showing people the way out and becoming successful myself. I am passionate about success because I HAVE THIS OPPURTUNITY. The opportunity that many do not have around the world. I do this for the people who are starving, being beaten, being killed, and don't have the opportunity to live the life they would love. I do this for my family, and I do this for my future. My passion drives me everyday and now is the time to be passionate, because life waits for NO ONE. You can sit and let life pass you by, or you can get off your ass and live the life you always wanted. IT WILL NOT BE EASY, but your hunger and passion will get you through! FIND IT

Michigan State University Track


Michigan State University Track. There is where I unleash my wind and run like there's no tomorrow. I love to keep fit, it helps me on my road to success.

Me and the President of Michigan State University

Me and the President of Michigan State University. This is my homie! She hits me up all the time to party! lol just kidding. I just met her that day and it was a pleasure. I knew it had to have took a lot of hard work and dedication to be in the position she's in. #Salute

Friday, September 13, 2013

Conquer Your Mind To Get To Your Dreams

The only wall you need to conquer is the one built in your mind. I am here to tell you that in this life there are endless possibilities to what you can accomplish if you just get past the battlefield existing in your mind. As a human being you are stronger than you ever thought you were. If you want to be great and be successful you must test your limits. Every time you want to quit, you negotiate with your mind to find more strength. NO! You TELL your mind that you are going to keep going because you are powerful. You must believe in yourself and go past any limit that you thought you had. Your time is now, not tomorrow, not in a few years. NOW! You deserve to live the life you have always dreamed of, you deserve IT! I want you to remember that one day you will die, and you must face that reality. SO PLEASE JUST ASK YOURSELF...how do I want to be remembered? Nobody ever remembered the average joe, your time is now. BE GREAT OR BE NO ONE.


What Are You Willing To Sacrifice?!


You have to sit back at this very moment and ask yourself. What am I willing to sacrifice for success? When you think about all the people that want to be successful and want something in life, only about 10% of those people actually achieve success and their dreams. ONLY 10%!! So what about the other 90% of people who wanted to accomplish something, but are not achieving their goals. What are these people not doing? What makes that 10% of people different and great  is SACRIFICE. Sacrifice the free time, sacrifice the parties, sacrifice the relationships, and sacrifice the SLEEP. Thats right! You have to sacrifice and that 10% of people who are achieving their dreams, not only want to achieve them, but are making sacrifices to acheive them. They are putting 100% into their crafts for not days, not months, but years!!! Believe me, once you reach your goal from years of SACRIFICE you can live the life you dreamed of. IT WILL BE WORTH IT. So ask yourself today. What am I willing to sacrifice to live my dreams and become that 10%. Am I ready?

Monday, July 22, 2013

OsteoChamps Program

These are students who participated in the OsteoChamps program with the school of osteopathic medicine. The program was for young men and women in high school who wanted to get some type of knowledge about the health profession and broaden their knowledge on math, science, and physics. I was a tutor/counselor and the two ladies were fantastic. They are both Nigerian and know how to dance pretty well. The guy to the left is Terrance and isn't so bad at dancing himself. I am glad to have met these young people.

OsteoChamps Program

These are some of the students who participated in the OsteoChamps program with the school of osteopathic medicine. The program was for young men and women in high school who wanted to get some type of knowledge about the health profession and broaden their knowledge on math, science, and physics. I was a tutor/counselor and in this picture there is Jazmyn, Keauna, and Scarlett. These are amazing girls and I am glad to have gotten a chance to meet them.